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Don't miss out on the sounds of life!

About NuTech Health and Hearing

At NuTech Health and Hearing, we believe that our patients come first.  We are committed to providing high quality care for our patients, along with the highest level of service. In addition, NuTech Health and Hearing is proud to offer the widest selection of hearing aids in the Triangle Park area, including the latest in digital technology. Our commitment to carrying such a broad inventory of hearing aids means you are sure to find the best instrument for your specific needs. 

NuTech Health and Hearing is located at the corner of Executive center and Common Wealth off
Kildaire Farm Road next door to Wells Fargo Bank.  We will also come to you!

Our Pledge:
ur pledge to you is to optimize your hearing experience, so that you don't miss out on the sounds of life.  

  Our Staff:
Elizabeth F McVeigh MD
Ron McVeigh BC/ H.I.S
April Crawford: Nurse/Office Manager



Connect with Us:


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